NATALIE ABBOTT is an Australian artist, performance maker and choreographer based between Sydney, Melbourne and Berlin. She is busy with excavating the fissures between what is real and un-real and pushing into the spectacle of the theatre to create absurd performance experiences for audiences. Her practice sits at the nexus of dance, performance, live cinema and visual spectacle, exploiting familiar formulas to interrogate form and challenge perception.

Natalie often collaborates with varied bodies to further excavate her own strict training, letting the bottom fall out from underneath concepts and exploring the liminal and philosophical spaces of falling, flying and the void. She has collaborated with bodybuilders, sports stars, non-dancers, Marina Abromavic and her dad to generate an interesting physicality that creates extra-contemporary, visceral and moving performance experiences. Her work has been located in theatres, gallery spaces, outdoor festivals, football fields, abandoned mines, tiny apartments, on a massage table and on screen.

Natalie has invested time in crafting her work with an emphasis on lo-fi DIY aesthetics as a way to use minimal resources to gain maximum impact, ensuring her work is site responsive and sustainable. Working towards this vision has meant Natalie has been able to develop a unique and specific aesthetic for her work, constantly pushing the boundaries of the form and creating relevant, extra-contemporary and highly sophisticated work.

Her CV includes touring with Australian company Strange Fruit, Strut and Fret as well as touring her own choreography around the world. She is an avid maker and constantly seeking opportunities to expand her frame of reference and further interrogate dance and performance.


Sat 02 Feb 2019 8:00PM
Annabella 90
Sun 03 Feb 2019 1PM
Forth Gallery