Created for the 2019 edition of Forthwith: A podcast on the mineral history of Winnipeg and imaginary cities

Take Me On presents Solid Seas

With contributions from participating musicians and sound artists
Solid seas tracklist:
1. Intro: Bana Haffar – 48 hours
2. Sea sounds, Youtube video
3. Wouter Jaspers – Identity formula
4. The Economist – What caused the Cambrian explosion
5. Ordovician sea film, Vimeo video
6. Easter – The softest Hard
7. Bana Haffar – 48 hours
8. Gillis Quarries – Geographical characteristics of Tyndall Stone, read by Gavin Maycroft
9. Farah – Law of life
10. Masonry, installing the limestone exterior walls, Youtube video
11. Hainbach – I be electric
12. Z. Belaustegui – Modernist architecture in Barcelona reveals a new trace fossil from the Miocene of Montjuïc, read by Gavin Maycroft
13. Mike Dobler – Perpetual drone
14. Winnipeg Architecture foundation – Tyndall Stone, read by Louis Melville
15. Laurie Anderson – The Big Top
16. B.P. – Comfort Between Fountain Overlook and Centre Court excerpt
17. Randy Turner – City Beautiful, How architecture shaped Winnipeg’s DNA, read by Freddie Mason
18. Deux – Game And Performance
19. Softcoresoft – An Act of Fitness
20. Jonathan Meades – Bunkers brutalism and Bloodymindedness Concrete Poetry
21. Jonathan Meades – Ben Building: Mussolini, Monuments and Modernism
22. Jonathan Meades – Remember the Future
23. Street sounds, Youtube video
24. Utopian Horizons – Cities, architecture and utopia
25. Anika – In The City
26. Mike Dobler – Perpetual Drone
27. BBC radio 3 essays – Limestone
28. Bana Haffar – Anodize
29. Paleontologist Kristi Curry Rogers on What We Learn from Fossils, Youtube video
30. Slow Wave – Forward
31. Mike Dobler – Triptonics
32. Bristol Festival of ideas – Festival of the future cities: what happened to utopian cities?
33. Italo Calvino, Invisible cities, read by Emily Wren
34. Sea sounds, Youtube video
35. Boards of Canada – Corsairs
36. Charles Bukowski – Born into this
37. Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Athame
38. Holly Henry – The Eurythmics, slowed down
Image © Martin Onassis

Take Me On Podcast

Take Me On deals with the creation of podcasts and events relating body to sound. TMO releases episodes online that focuses on the relationship between abstract and physical matters.  The sound medium is used to explore this connection, giving at the same time a point of view, fragmented but precise, on unexpected subjects. Inherent seductiveness, immediate engagement: it is a tool whose multitude of layers open to a new but accessible lecture of our environment. Parallel to the podcasts, Take Me On also produces sound performances bringing together body and sound, humour and seduction, pop culture and women empowerment.
Take Me On is Leila Arenou, Oona Linke and Laure Jaffuel