Foto: Malik Kleist, Tumit Production.


Miké Thomsen (b. 1984) is a Greenlandic actor, musician and traditional Inuit performer. Miké started acting after finishing high school in 2005, and has worked in many productions with The Inuit Theatre Company, Caritas Productions and The National Theatre of Greenland. More recently Miké worked in Denmark with the successful Global Stories production Ni Hao Nuuk, where he was rewarded as Danish young actor of the year. Miké studied stage performance at the National Theatre School of Greenland, and was in the first class to graduate as trained actors in Greenland in 2014. Miké was awarded as an influential male vocalist in 2012, and he also received a cultural achievement price for his continuous work as a musician, amateur and professional actor, and for his contribution to maintaining the Greenlandic Inuit culture and language.

At Forthwith Festival Miké will present a piece about home, with spoken word and traditional drum dancing, with musical help of Hainbach, he will develop his piece on the spot in the Forth Gallery in the days leading up to the festival.

Foto: Malik Kleist, Tumit Production.


All Sessions By MIKE THOMSEN

Fri 01 Feb 2019 8:30PM
Forth Gallery
Performance /w Arctic Wouter
Sun 03 Feb 2019 7PM