Take Me On

Take Me On deals with the creation of podcasts and events relating body to
TMO releases every month a new episode online that focuses on the relationship
between abstract and physical matters. It is accompanied by photographies of its
authors staging and embodying the monthly subject. The sound medium is used
to explore this connection, giving at the same time a point of view, fragmented but
precise, on unexpected subjects. Inherent seductiveness, immediate engagement:
it is a tool whose multitude of layers open to a new but accessible lecture of our
environment. The content jumps from noise recordings to electronic beat,
documentary to poetry reading, screams to movie soundtrack, interview to
youtube videos. It offers itself as a luscious collage, but also as a project that
generates encounters, collaborations and partnerships. Take Me On is working
with artists from different disciplines who add their own practice to the collage,
such as The Missing Channel (vj/dj); Martin Olsson (visuals); Victor Delestre,
Valentin Noiret (live instruments); Annee Grotte Viken, Raoul Zoellner (texts);
Naïmé Perrette, Akwarium (video); Asula (soundscape).
Parallel to the podcasts, Take Me On also produces sound performances bringing
together body and sound, pop culture and women empowerment, humour and
seduction. Performances take place in different contexts such as clubs, galleries
or museums, including Looking at myself as a temple for endless lust and sweaty
socks at Macao (Milano), Long hair love call at Triangle France (Marseille), Body,
sound, action at Walden Affairs (Den Haag), Deep Blue Yonder at Salon Ocean
(Brussels), The Most Distant Land at Klubkat (Rotterdam), Hardware Store Dance
Floor at Wanderlust (Paris). Take Me On was part of I never read Art book fair
Basel 2014 and and is currently broadcasted on Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, online
radio dedicated to the arts.
Take Me On is Leila Arenou, Oona Linke and Laure Jaffuel

Image created in collaboration with Martin Onassis