I find art in the social, encountering my ‘work’ within choreographies of shared spaces, and engaging in creative ways to relate with the other. I respond to moment-specific elements, improvising with intangible things such as energies, vibrations and other invisibly palpable feelings. This is approached through the tangible: such as food, clothing and ritual objects. Both are necessary in creating environments. Whatever transpires is a kind of ritual and play, a negotiation with a basic rule of ‘cooking what is there’. I appropriate the role of ‘artist’ to find my way into and beyond the world, and do what I as human being long for. Cooking marks a process that occupies the immediate, the emergent and the local, and also provides for me a meditative space for digesting and ruminating what is emerging. I find informal and oral settings such as eating together, meeting for drinks etc. as potent spaces for generating particular kinds of knowledge. I consider hunger, in all its ambivalences, to be a measure of time.

All Sessions By PEPE DAYAW

Food and Performance
Sun 03 Feb 2019 11PM - 3PM
Forth Café