Why are festivals so important for Canadians?

Festivals are an important part of our Canadian culture. They connect us as a people and as a nation, by showcasing the best parts of Canada to those within it and those who visit. Festivals can provide economic stimulus to local communities, acting as drivers for both tourism and business. Culturally speaking, festivals remind Canadians of their history and heritage and where we're going in the future - they help define what it means to be Canadian, giving us something that we can share with other nations around the world.

Why should we support small-scale community festivals?

Smaller community-based or neighbourhood events don't have the benefit or resources of larger institutions like big name concerts or sporting events. Providing assistance through programs such as Canada's Community Event Program helps make these community projects possible and accessible to the public, instead of shutting them out. Supporting community festivals is investing in our shared culture, one that we all can participate in.

Why don't Canadians attend more community-based events?

Over the last 5 years, 49% of Canadians have not attended or participated in any short-term local festival or event - this includes activities like farmer's markets, concerts, street festivals and carnivals - this percentage increases for those who are outside of major urban areas (61%). Some potential reasons for this include 

1) Not knowing what is available locally due to lack of exposure or awareness;

2) They don't know how/where to find information about what is happening in their area;

3) They are unaware of how to have their voice heard so they can influence what events take place in the community - this means that Canadians are disconnected from each other and feel alone.

Are you looking for a new festival to attend?

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What can be done to address these issues?

The Government of Canada launched the Canada's Community Event Strategy (CCES) because we understand that festivals play an important role in building stronger communities across the country. To help make it easier for Canadians to connect, learn and participate, we provide funding assistance through programs such as Canada's Communities Commemorative Network (Canada C3), the Experience Grants Program (especially those celebrating local heritage such as anniversaries or milestones). We also contribute to strengthening our communities through our Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP-150).

We know that Canadians want to build stronger connections with their neighbours, because after all - we're better together! That's why the Government of Canada has established initiatives like the Grants for community activities fund, which funds small events across a variety of categories including art and culture, sport and recreation, health and fitness, safety and well-being as well as diversity. We will continue to support local events aimed at bringing communities together by providing more opportunities for Canadians from all walks of life to participate in experiences that matter to them locally, nationally or internationally.

The Government of Canada is committed to supporting local communities in the spirit of encouraging strong, active and engaged Canadians. This means working with community members to identify their needs, taking advantage of new opportunities for collaboration, building public-private partnerships and encouraging Canadians to help shape their own experiences from coast to coast to coast.

In situations where a larger event requires financial support from the Government of Canada, Community, Culture and Heritage Canada works closely with other federal departments such as Health Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natural Resources Canada , Canadian Heritage (including Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) among others depending on the circumstances. The Government of Canada has also contributed funding over $18 million over three years through our Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program to help support the construction of community facilities for local events.