Spice Routes (a cooking salon)

Come home to the Spice Routes. Nowhere Kitchen presents cooking as many stories in one – sari-sari. Tastes, shapes and textures are extracted from whatever found ingredients. Bring your leftovers and they will be integrated into dishes, through island savvy performance from Manila Man and whoever feels inspired to join this unique kitchen round trip and visa-free from Puttanesca to Peanut Sauce. There will be enough to share.

A workshop hosted by Pepe Dayaw:

I find art in the social, encountering my ‘work’ within choreographies of shared spaces, and engaging in creative ways to relate with the other. I respond to moment-specific elements, improvising with intangible things such as energies, vibrations and other invisibly palpable feelings. This is approached through the tangible: such as food, clothing and ritual objects. Both are necessary in creating environments. Whatever transpires is a kind of ritual and play, a negotiation with a basic rule of ‘cooking what is there’. I appropriate the role of ‘artist’ to find my way into and beyond the world, and do what I as human being long for. Cooking marks a process that occupies the immediate, the emergent and the local, and also provides for me a meditative space for digesting and ruminating what is emerging. I find informal and oral settings such as eating together, meeting for drinks etc. as potent spaces for generating particular kinds of knowledge. I consider hunger, in all its ambivalences, to be a measure of time.


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Sun 03 Feb 2019 11AM - 3PM