Bad Ideas for a Group – Workshop | Movement

BAD IDEAS FOR a GROUP is a movement based workshop. It has been designed to let the body run away from the mind and the mind run away from the body until lots of really weird things start to happen (hopefully things that resemble dancing).

We will work through a series of simple warm-up exercises to exorcise the ego – so that everyone is participating and feeling expressive. Then we will move to music, go wild with philosophical and experimental concepts around movement and structuring a dance performance, run around the room, skip, go silly, get discombobulated to trip the regular and habitual patterns of movement, fall to pieces and then attempt to put ourselves back together in a different order.

If it sounds totally freaky to you, GREAT! Come get silly with us – it is for anyone who IS a dancer, who is NOT at dancer, who dreams to BE a dancer – whoever, whatever, we will make it interesting and fun.

The workshop will be facilitated by Natalie Abbott, an experimental choreographer, performer and dancer from Melbourne, Australia and Pedro Jardim, from Brazil, a social and cultural activator who is also kinda good at doing weird dance moves and likes to dance to music.


Natalie is busy with excavating the fissures between what is real and un-real and pushing into the spectacle of the theatre to create absurd performance experiences for audiences. Her practice sits at the nexus of dance, performance, live cinema and visual spectacle, exploiting familiar formulas to interrogate form and challenge perception.
Natalie often collaborates with varied bodies to further excavate her own strict training, letting the bottom fall out from underneath concepts and exploring the liminal and philosophical spaces of falling, flying and the void. She has collaborated with bodybuilders, sports stars, non-dancers, Marina Abromavic and her dad to generate an interesting physicality that creates extra-contemporary, visceral and moving performance experiences. Her work has been located in theatres, gallery spaces, outdoor festivals, football fields, abandoned mines, tiny apartments, on a massage table and on screen.

Pedro Jardim is a social and cultural activator based between Berlin, São Paulo, Basel and Galicia. He is one of the co-founders of the Berlin based cultural project, Agora Collective and an active supporter of the Creative Foot print and Berlin music scene.
As co-organiser of the legendary pyjama party, he developed an eccentric and eclectic relationship with music, community and photography, which he shares as a hobbyist across various events. He also works as an agile consultant and is currently building the REVISION network and foundation.

See NATALIE ABBOTT in the opening performance with AMBIENT RAGE & STAN STENCIL on Sat 2 Feb at 8:45 pm at Subtrack | at 90 Annabella.

Pedro Jardim aka DJ PAPEPI will have a DJ Set together with qPROPz on Fr 1 Feb 10pm – 2 am at Forth.


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Sun 03 Feb 2019 1PM
Sat 02 Feb 2019 8:45PM
90 Annabella