Workshop | Build a SIGNUM phenomenæ finder_The invisible revealed

Participants in the S I G N U M workshop will build and take home their own device, which is designed to amplify and listen to sounds hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum: those invisible frequencies, electromagnetic waves caused by modern devices and natural forces – signals that constantly surround us but that we are usually unable to hear. Listen to the patterns of ultraviolet and infrared light; the vibrations of ferric objects; the friction caused by insects and underwater sounds. Hear the noise of tectonic movements, or of lighting phenomena thousands of kilometers distant.

The device includes a transducer, opticals, coils, germanium and a laser diode, which coheres sonically and allows users to listen to surrounding signals that would fall out of the human hearing range. The workshop will also introduce participants to using the electromagnetic spectrum within artistic practices.

No previous experience in electronics is necessary, but interest and patience are mandatory.

Workshop led by Victor Mazon at Video Pool Media Arts Centre.

Price: $115 – Must purchase tix in advance or email to reserve a spot: [email protected]

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Sat 02 Feb 2019 12PM
300 - 100 ARTHUR ST.
Sat 02 Feb 2019 11:15PM
90 Annabella