Donna Haringwey is doom EBM by 80’s born South Tiroler Toni Quiroga. His club oriented live act amalgamates DIY electronics with ebm, industrial and noise music influences. He studied and lived in London, but is now based in Berlin, Germany. He is also known from his collaboration with Eindkrak as Raum – Zeit, also featured at AMOK TAPES. Toni Quiroga works with sound, music, electronics, obsolete and organic matter. He is interested in the history and materiality of media. Through the recreation or hacking of obsolete and new media he tries to highlight political, economic, geopolitical and social relations inherent to technology. Furthermore he is a musician, involved in several projects, a sound designer and organises club nights in London (at Rye Wax, Café Oto and The Waiting Room).

Live Performance | Sign up for Toni’s workshop at Forthwith: Build your own Electromagnetic Field Detector